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Camera Switch lets you quickly change the webcam without having to stop the recording. You can get ahead of your competitor by linking it with your favorite video chat service. YouCam allows you to upload your recordings to You Tube, which make it simple to share the videos on Facebook or through other social networking. You can live broadcast from webcam to social networking without the use of an internet connection.

Patch For CyberLink YouCam lets you jumpstart your creativity with an extensive array of unique photo effects that can transform any photo into something memorable. If you encounter technical issues with this video video editing software, you can easily solve them by consulting a customer support team.

With an exception of four of the photography and video effects, you can get more of these effects for a free. For those of you who have some experience with photo and video editing software, you will find this CyberLink YouCam an ultimate package.

The software will display a huge 40 GB catalog of copyright protected images that are available to freely download, modify and use for commercial use. If you are a content creator, YouCam has developed the perfect editing suite for bringing your best idea to life. Besides, YouCam also keeps your photos under strict security by protecting the best part of your images from any possible exposure.

CyberLink YouCam is one of the most feature-packed webcam software packages available for personal and business use. From its original versions to the latest, the software is just like a swiss-army knife for your webcam and its features.

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Latest CyberLink YouCam Cracked 2022 + With Pro Activation Code

YouCam is a free application available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. The interface is basic, with an Explore tab that allows you to look at videos and delete them, or make copies of your existing videos. YouCam also has the option to up and downsize your video files; view contents, metadata, and comments; stream live video; grab stills; and more.

YouCam has a pleasing layout and is extremely easy to use. It runs quietly in the background, and it lets you use the camera on your Windows desktop. YouCam allows you to view your live webcam through the browser, connect to a webcam from anywhere, and use it to record video. It also records video using your webcam and stores it in your Photo Gallery. You can also make adjustments to the appearance of your webcam using a drag-and-drop interface. There is no sign-up or registration required, and YouCam operates entirely in the background and does not create desktop icons.

YouCam can be used to capture live video, record videos from your webcam, and it also offers the opportunity to edit or simply view your live video. It also allows you to make live video recordings through a microphone.

This program offers many features, including webcam effects, photo editing features and much more. YouCam can save and send videos to be viewed in any other program. It can be used for capturing and recording live video as well as watching it on your computer. YouCam offers a simple interface, which is easy to use and does not create a lot of clutter.

CyberLink YouCam software offers a wide variety of features, including webcam and visual effects, photo and video editing, recording, streaming and much more. It can capture and record live video as well as viewing live webcam videos. CyberLink YouCam offers a simple interface, which is easy to use and does not create a lot of clutter.

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What's new in CyberLink YouCam?

The new version of CyberLink YouCam 9 for Windows enables users to customize the webcam view with Smart View. In addition, the new YouCam 9 is able to automatically record videos when the webcam is on, and can also record video when you press the hot keys on the keyboard to show the 10-second pause timer or the 30-second countdown timer. You can also preview the recording with the Quick Look feature.

With the latest CyberLink YouCam, users can easily modify their desktop wallpaper by clicking on any image at anytime during live broadcasting events. It also provides a background replacement feature to save file space on the hard drive. And in Smart View, users can easily control the audio and video recorder functions by clicking on the microphone or camera icon.

The new CyberLink YouCam gives you more flexibility when recording your online videos with the ability to switch between video recording and photos in your hard drive. With CyberLink YouCam 7, you can just press the hot key combination to start or stop recording immediately. It also provides a fast preview function which can easily check the recording status or preview your live broadcasting videos in the backstage.

With the new CyberLink YouCam, video calling can be automatically started when users connect to the Internet. Besides, it supports Skype/SkypeOut video calling as well as video calling in the Facebook, so that users don’t have to download the Skype software.

With CyberLink YouCam 6, users can easily record videos and photos on the web and the Internet using the Smart View interface. And with CyberLink YouCam Mobile, users can get access to all the features of the new YouCam 6 for free when it is downloaded onto their mobile devices, such as music playing, video calling, chatting and broadcasting on YouTube and Facebook. If you want to get the full version of the new YouCam Mobile, you can purchase the full version after downloading the free trial version once.

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CyberLink YouCam System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10/<10.0
  • 1 GHz single-core processor or 1.4 GHz dual-core processor or greater
  • 3 GB RAM (4 GB RAM recommended for Dual Core)
  • 1 GB available hard-disk space
  • DVD drive
  • 128 MB video memory (256 MB recommended)
  • 32-bit/64-bit DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card
  • Webcam: HD <= 1280x720p

CyberLink YouCam Features

  • Face recognition.
  • Remote login software.
  • Direct video capture from live streaming sources.
  • Multilanguage with automatic text to speech (TTS) support.
  • Group video chat support.


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